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Phenolic composite steel pipe

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      phenol formaldehyde composite aluminum plate with phenolic resin as raw material, two composite embossed aluminum foil, with all the advanced automatic production line, the non glue technology and disposable foam composite. Double sided aluminum foil after coating and embossing processing dedicated, hard foam phenolic intermediate insulation board structure and delicate, uniform density. Product specifications: 4000mm thick 20mm wide and 1200mm long.
phenolic composites duct has the following advantages:      
    (1) heat insulation is good, can greatly reduce the heat loss of air conditioner.. Thermal conductivity coefficient
phenolic insulation board (0.016~0.036W/m• K), heat loss duct phenolic below 2%. Phenolic composites duct using standard PVC flange connection mode, to ensure that the ventilation system has excellent air tightness.
  (2) good fireproof performance
phenolic insulation board belonging to the polymer foam board, flame self extinguishing, smokeless, non-toxic, good fireproof performance.
  (3) sound good.  
phenolic composites duct insulation layer is a porous phenolic foam panels interconnected, muffler, sound insulation performance is good.    
  (4) light weight, can reduce the building load, convenient installation.
  phenolic aluminium foil compound plate light weight, sheet density is only 70kg, which can greatly reduce the building load, and the wind pipe installation is very favorable. On the bracket, hanging parts such as the bearing capacity is reduced greatly, makes the transport and installation is very convenient.          
  (5) the construction period can be shortened for  
phenolic aluminium foil compound air duct is very light weight, convenient installation than traditional duct. The wind pipe erection, the hanger is simple, the quantity is less, almost no machinery. Making simple, completely break through the traditional process, greatly shorten the construction cycle of
  (6) health
phenolic aluminum foil duct surface using aluminum foil seal, thus ensuring the conveying medium health, avoid pollution two, and the inner layer without condensation of water, no rust
  (7)   beautiful appearance, suitable for a wide range of  
phenolic aluminium foil compound air duct can be widely applied to industry and civil buildings, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and other special places.

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