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      Dezhou Tianmao air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the country's largest glass steel central air conditioning industry base -- Dezhou City Economic and Technological Development Zone, specializing in the production of glass fiber composite wind pipe, glass magnesium duct, Caigang series composite wind pipe, phenolic aluminium foil compound air duct, TDF, muffler, a static pressure box, FRP winding and pultrusion, fan, air valve, air inlet, cable tray, aluminum foil hose, composite wind pipe special flange and other auxiliary products.

  the company covers an area of 66000 square meters, construction area of 50000 square meters, continuous production line, glass fiber composite board production line with phenolic resin domestic most advanced insulation board, glass magnesium composite board production line, color steel composite board production line, a total of board air duct assembly production lines and other specialized production equipment, can at the same time to meet the multi species, a large number of composite wind pipe plate and end product production, the company's existing staff of 200 people, has a professional R & D, production department and construction team, is the city of Dezhou FRP industry star enterprise.

      Dezhou Tianmao air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. uphold: God helps those who help themselves, Mao industry deep ploughing purpose, the principle characteristics of specialization and mutual benefit and win-win, with our customers and friends to create a better future.
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