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The main characteristics of fiberglass duct

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      glass fiber wind tube sheet (also known as glass fiber composite plate) is a superfine glass wool board as base material, the outer surface of inner, combined with different veneers, through special processing forming a new mechanism of the wind board, glass wool board itself for the thermal conductivity of porous material, low absorption coefficient, therefore, glass fiber composite board has the advantages of good heat preservation and noise elimination performance. Product specifications: 1200mm length 4000mm (3000mm) thickness of 25mm.
      glass wool board glass fiber and resin adhesive by centrifugation formed by hot pressing, curing and sheet, belonging to the non combustible material, it has good fire performance (not burning a class), board density is greater than or equal to 80kg, thickness of 25mm. Plate according to the surface composites with different, divided into double aluminum foil, noise, sound-absorbing type antimicrobial type and other different types, features and functions of different kinds of material according to its own, suitable for different occasions.
      fiberglass duct is formed by wind glass fiber composite plate cutting tool, special adhesive tape adhesive, sealing, strengthening into tube. With thermal insulation, noise, fire prevention, moistureproof, lightweight fiberglass duct, air leakage of small, low cost, short construction period, small occupied space, beautiful appearance, the use of the advantages of long service life, price is reasonable, widely used in low-voltage air conditioning and ventilation system.
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