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Glass magnesium composite pipe product features

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1, quality stable and reliable
      glass magnesium duct products through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, established a perfect quality management and continuous improvement of the organization and the quality of products, in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality management system requirements for production process control, control points are arranged in each process stage, in order to ensure the quality of the products.
, excellent fireproof performance of
      magnesium duct insulation is non combustible inorganic materials and materials by high-tech processes of disposable compound and into, the national quality supervision and examination center of fire proof building material inspection, as a noncombustible building material (surface composite grade a).
, ultra high strength properties of
      magnesium wind pipe with high strength, the flexural strength is greater than 1.8MPa, the pressure to bear 2500Pa, can be used in low pressure, high, the wind system.
, moisture-proof anti water performance excellent
      glass magnesium duct is not afraid of water, in a humid environment not rust and corrosion, even when immersed in water, can still maintain a relatively high strength.
5, can effectively improve the ceiling net space

      glass magnesium duct can be used not LAN connection or "Jin" type flanged process, eliminating the traditional flange height, can improve the clearance between the ceiling.
, light weight, reduce building load
      glass magnesium duct per square 7.5kg weight, 25% lighter than air ducts, can effectively reduce the building load.
      magnesium air pipe cannot LAN connection, the bottom is flat, the overall appearance.
8, long service life, saving the long-term investment

      glass magnesium duct product design, reasonable structure, reliable performance, stable quality, service life of over 20 years.
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